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The Wednesday Night Concert Series returns to Baytowne! This spring sit back and relax, and enjoy live entertainment. The concert series will feature both local and regional talent from a variety of genres. Concert begins at 7pm on the Events Plaza Stage. Although Gretsch Lyles credits numerous musical influences for his own unique style, those who know him best can attest that he definitely has one foot planted firmly in traditional country music while the other is in old time rock and roll. Not only has he found the perfect balance between the two worlds, but he has found his own place in music by creating a niche for himself with his own brand of cosmopolitan country music. Gretsch is a purist in the truest sense of the word when it comes to his music, and his longstanding musical career of over 20 years is a strong testament of his ability to hold fast to his fundamental and traditionalist views and still continue to embrace and be embraced by the changing times. His writing reflects what he has always considered the basic elements of a good song--common things, common people, common problems, and what they all have in common. Although Gretsch’s first official album is set to be released in the US sometime in the Fall of 2013, his early European release of the album has received a remarkable response during his current 2013 Summer European tour that includes shows in France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and several other stops along the way. He has composed quite an impressive and remarkable body of work that he stays busy performing with his band, The Modern Eldorados. However, only what he considers the best of his best original songs are included on this first album, and based on the overwhelming response and reviews it has received so far, he was true to his word. For more information about Gretsch and The Modern Eldorados’ current tour and upcoming show schedule, visit his website at