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Efforts to Reverse Florida Short Term Rental Ban Intensify

The complaint has been filed and a decision should be made by Monday on the constitutionality of the short term rental ban.

Last week, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 20-112 and unveiled the first step of a phased approach to re-opening the state. Phase 1 became effective May 4, 2020. The order includes a ban on short term vacation rentals while allowing hotels, motels, timeshares, and other entities to be rented. This ban leaves thousands of Florida vacation rental units empty, potentially financially destroying the citizens who own or manage them. The constitutionality of this order is being contested by a group of rental owner/managers from the panhandle.

Attorneys filed a complaint Wednesday night and a companion document to ask the court for expedited attention was filed the next day. The lawsuit is about lifting the short term vacation rental ban and several outcomes to the expedited route may be anticipated. The judge may uphold the Governor’s original order, the judge may enact a stay order which would alleviate the ban pending further litigation, or Governor DeSantis may overturn the ban completely. The media has been ramping up pressure by making the public aware of the discrepancies in the order and how it affects the Florida economy.

Now that everything is filed, the next step is waiting for judge to rule on the stay order, hopefully by Monday. We will keep you informed the moment anything arises.