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Destin, FL Weather

Daily Reports

Destin Florida Weather

Welcome to Destin Florida, where summers are long & hot while winters are relatively warm. Precipitation is very common here, though most storms blow by rather quickly. Over the course of the full year, temperatures may drop as low as 32 degrees all the way up to 95 degrees. With the humidity in the Summer, some days may feel over 100 degrees. Check out our list of months with a quick summary of the weather that consists of each one. See which month works best for you!

January Weather

January in Destin is much different than January in most other places. It gets cool, but not as much due to its closeness to the equator. January is a great month to come down to get away from the harsh winters at home! During this month in Destin, we at recommend visitors bring some warm clothing for the evenings such as jeans, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. While this weather is cold for Destin, in comparison to most other parts of the United States this is a very mild winter. Guests are probably not going to want to swim in the ocean during this month due to the chilly water temperatures, but the mid-afternoon weather is ideal to get a round of eighteen in on one of the many local golf courses! With temperatures fluctuating during the month of January we do not consider this an ideal month to spend much time on the windy and sometimes chilly beaches. Though the cooler weather may not be ideal for the beach, it does cause some vacationers to stay away, therefore freeing up the normally crowded attractions. Prepare with a jacket and jeans and hit the water on a fishing charter or dolphin excursion without the crowds! Come enjoy this nice mild winter month in Destin!

Average Temperature: 45 - 61 degrees

Average High Temp: 61 degrees

Average Low Temp: 45 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 5.08

Average Gulf Water Temp: 64 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 10.14 - 10.44 hours

February Weather

February in Destin is not much different than January. The temperatures will start increasing as spring approaches but not drastically. As with January, February in Destin is much more bearable than February in other places. We at recommend that you pack sweatshirts, hoodies, jeans, sweatpants, shorts, and a t-shirt if you are visiting in February. The days can be slightly chilly but for those of us from the northern part of the United States, these temperatures are very mild. The temperature in February is too cold to swim in the ocean but if you dress properly (sweatshirt and jeans) it is not too cold for a stroll down the beach. Keep in mind in can be windy on the beach and you may want to come prepared with an extra jacket just in case. February is also a great month to rent an electric bicycle and go for a nice ride. Since the weather is cooler there will be substantially fewer people in Destin, thus clearing the roadways for a nice smooth bike ride. Beat the crowds and enjoy mild winter weather by vacationing in Destin, Florida in February!

Average Temperature: 47- 63 degrees

Average High Temp: 63 degrees

Average Low Temp: 47 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 5.28

Average Gulf Water Temp: 64 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 10.45 - 11.31 hours

March Weather

March is the first month you start feeling the difference: Spring is right around the corner! The ocean water is still too cold to swim so find a heated pool to jump in. March is the perfect month to do participate in a ton of fun-filled activities in Destin! In terms of packing, we suggest that you pack the same as you would for January or February. While towards the latter half of March you may not need a jacket, there is always the potential for a chilly evening. One of our favorite activities in Destin during March is flying kites at the boardwalk. The mid-day weather is gorgeous and with plenty of gusting winds it is an ideal place and time to fly a kite! While the weather is gorgeous in March the crowds have not quite taken over Destin yet in March making it a prime time to vacation!

Average Temperature: 53 - 68 degrees

Average High Temp: 68 degrees

Average Low Temp: 53 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 6.06

Average Gulf Water Temp: 66 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 11.32 - 12.28 hours

April Weather

In terms of weather, April is considered one of the best months to visit Destin. The water temperatures are still quite cool but that won’t stop the kids from swimming! Most days in April you should be able to get away with wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but we would recommend bringing a jacket for the evenings. As mentioned above the ocean water is still chilly but for children and the brave adults in your group the ocean is swimmable. April is also a great month to book and go out on a local fishing charter. The weather during mid-day is perfect for a day of deep-sea fishing or even a dolphin cruise! April truly is one of the best months to visit Destin! We’ll see you there!

Average Temperature: 60 - 74 degrees

Average High Temp: 74 degrees

Average Low Temp: 60 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 4.25

Average Gulf Water Temp: 66 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 12.29 - 13.20 hours

May Weather

Summer is right around the corner! The water is now perfect for all to swim in. Most days of the week in may are shorts, t-shirts, and sandal weather! While some days get relatively warm, it is not quite summer yet and you more than likely won’t have to deal with the intense summer heat associated with Destin in later summer months. With the water temperature averaging around 77 degrees, we at highly recommend you spend a good portion of your time enjoying the beaches and various water sports and activities. The evenings in may are a pleasant average of 72 degrees. This ideal evening temperature is perfect for sitting out on a patio and enjoying live music and an adult beverage at various local establishments! Beat the swarms of vacationers that head down to Destin each year and enjoy the perfect weather in May!

Average Temperature: 68 - 82 degrees

Average High Temp: 82 degrees

Average Low Temp: 68 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 3.31

Average Gulf Water Temp: 77 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 13.21 - 13.58 hours

June Weather

June and July are the two most popular months to come down to Destin. Beat the heat by going to the beach. It is very common to have thunderstorms and sunshine on the same day. Therefore, if the forecast shows rain, it’s rarely going to be all day long. June is the perfect weather to experience all Destin has to offer! This is one-hundred percent t-shirt and shorts weather. One of the more popular ways to stay cool while enjoying the warm weather in June in Destin is to grab a sweet treat. Destin has a variety of shaved ice, gelato, and ice cream shops that are sure to cool you down. While there is a high probability of rain while you are in Destin this month, the rain is normally only for a short period of time and is generally a welcomed break from the hot southern sun. Head down to Destin, Florida in June and enjoy the warm weather, gorgeous beaches, and a plethora of fun-filled activities!

Average Temperature: 75 - 87 degrees

Average High Temp: 87 degrees

Average Low Temp: 75 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 5.51

Average Gulf Water Temp: 82 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 13.59 - 14.05 hours

July Weather

July and June go hand and hand. The heat is now at its strongest point of the year so come down ready to hit the beach for the day! Thunderstorms are very common in July, but many will be quick and won’t take long to pass over. Be sure to bring a rain jacket as well as plenty of summer clothing. Don’t forget to pack a few bathing suits, as we are sure that you will spend a lot of time in swimming pools and the ocean to beat the warm southern heat. Shorts, t-shirts, tank-tops, and other summer gear are all your going to need while you are in Destin in July! We would also recommend bringing a rain jacket to carry with you for when the “short-lived” thunderstorms pop up. Destin in July is the epidemy of “FUN in the SUN!

Average Temperature: 77 - 89 degrees

Average High Temp: 89 degrees

Average Low Temp: 77 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 7.95

Average Gulf Water Temp: 84 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 13.07 - 14.05 hours

August Weather

The start of August is just as hot as July. Perfect for going to the beach or any other activities. Thunderstorms and showers will also be quite common throughout the entire month. As the month goes on, temperatures slowly begin to drop as Summer is coming to an end. This month is great “light” summer wear weather. Sandals, tank tops, swimsuits, shorts, and a rain jacket will be all you need. With the early part of August being swelteringly hot, we at recommend that you set aside plenty of time to cool off with delicious ice cream treats and by swimming in the ocean. With the weather being particularly warm in this month we would like to remind visitors that Destin also offers an abundant amount of indoor activities. From escape rooms to glorious shopping plazas, guests looking to avoid some of the August heat in Destin will have plenty of options to do just that!

Average Temperature: 76 - 89 degrees

Average High Temp: 89 degrees

Average Low Temp: 76 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 7.95

Average Gulf Water Temp: 84 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 12.48 - 13.07 hours

September Weather

September is here. Summer is coming to an end. With that, the extreme heat also leaves. That leaves the water temperature still perfect to swim in. It is hurricane season so keep an eye out for that if you plan a trip in September. With less humidity and the same summer water temps, September makes for a perfect month to go to Destin. September in Destin offers the ideal weather for the ladies in your group to wear their sundresses and the men to bring out their linen pants. T-shirts, shorts, jeans, swimsuits, and a rain jacket are all you need for what is debatably the best month of the year to be in Destin!

Average Temperature: 72 - 86 degrees

Average High Temp: 86 degrees

Average Low Temp: 72 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 5.16

Average Gulf Water Temp: 82 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 11.54 - 12.46 hours

October Weather

October is a great month to come to Destin. With little crowds and cool temps, the possibilities are endless. As the month goes on, the water will get cooler and cooler. Hence, go early October if you want plenty of time in the ocean. Rain is a hit or miss this month. Some weeks it can rain every day while the next week it may not rain at all. In terms of clothing we at recommend that you bring normal summer clothing (shorts, t-shirts, etc.) as well as a few fall clothing items such as jeans, jackets, and of course a rain jacket. The evening temperature can drop down to the low sixties, leaving some guests a little chilly and others comfortable. There is a plethora of Halloween and Fall themed events in October, giving guests the perfect opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous afternoon and early evening weather in October in Destin, Florida!

Average Temperature: 63 - 79 degrees

Average High Temp: 79 degrees

Average Low Temp: 63 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 3.82

Average Gulf Water Temp: 77 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 11.00 - 11.52 hours

November Weather

November is said to be the least crowded month in Destin. The majority of the time, it’s cool enough during the day to hang by the beach in shorts and a t-shirt but evenings get chilly. Bring a sweatshirt! When packing for your Destin vacation in the month of November we suggest you bring clothing for all weather and temperature possibilities. Bring shorts and t-shirts for the afternoon as the temperatures are likely to be relatively warm and pleasant. Bring sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and jeans for the evening in case it gets chilly. Most evenings you will probably get by just fine with a light jacket but we at do highly recommend bringing a heavier jacket just in case it gets a little colder than normal. November is a lovely month to spend in Destin, with generally mild temperatures as well as substantially fewer people than other months, guests will have free reign to enjoy all the wonderful vacation DESTINation has to offer!

Average Temperature: 54 - 70 degrees

Average High Temp: 70 degrees

Average Low Temp: 54 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 4.61

Average Gulf Water Temp: 72 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 10.21 - 10.58 hours

December Weather

Winter is here! The temperatures start cooling and may limit many activities in Destin, but never fear, there are plenty of indoor activities for guests to partake in. To be properly prepared for the weather we recommend that you bring a few jackets and hoodies as well as jeans and other pants to wear. While Destin locals consider 47-62 degrees to be frosty cold winter weather most people that vacation in Destin in December are coming from a home state that is much colder. The water is pretty cold in December and we at would not recommend swimming unless you own or purchase a wet suit. With relatively mild December temperatures compared to most other states in the United States, Destin, Florida is a great place to spend your holiday off time. Imagine being in a place where you can walk along a beach on Christmas day, dawning only a light jacket! We will you this December in Destin!

Average Temperature: 47 - 62 degrees

Average High Temp: 62 degrees

Average Low Temp: 47 degrees

Average Inches of Rainfall: 4.61

Average Gulf Water Temp: 68 degrees

Average Daylight Hours: 10.13 - 10.20 hours