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Healix Therapy - Rob Linson

Healix Therapy is your new go to for physical therapy. At Healix they strive for comprehensive wellness by treating the root cause of your problem instead of just chasing symptoms. They use a variety of treatments that addresses not just the physical limitations of the body, but also the mind and lifestyle factors. Healix’s goal is to give you sustainable long term wellness so you can get back to what you love. Not sure if Healix is for you? Healix therapist Rob Linson, will give you a FREE 30 min consultation. Following the consultation Rob will sit down with you and discuss the type of treatment plan that will work best for you. If you have any kind of chronic pain, stress, or want to improve your overall wellness, you will not regret giving Healix therapy the chance to help get you back to your best self.

Visit his website for contact information and scheduling at
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Here are some testimonies from actual clients:

“Rob Linson is a miracle worker for sure! I have been in pain for years and have been told by everybody that I shouldn't waste my time because physical therapy doesn't work, but I had to give it a try, I was out of options. Robert was so professional and knew exactly where I was hurting before I even said anything. He actually helped me for the first time in years feel NO pain. I will only go to him from now on!!”- Julie Smith

“Rob's grasp of the field is amazing and fun to watch. I love that he talks with his patients and explains how the anatomy works, how it got hurt and how we can help improve. Rob is a natural and I can see him going a long way. Employees seem happy working under his leadership. He has great wit, tremendous creativity, ability to multi-task and maintain calm during rough seas. We, Patients, love the low key atmosphere and know we receive the best care possible. Rob's passion for PT is of utmost importance to him.”- Sue Davidson

“I had a bad fall a couple months ago and broke my elbow. I began to have a lot of stiffness once it healed so I started seeing a physical therapist, recommended by my Orthopedic, to regain my range of motion. I was seeing them 3 times a week for 3 weeks, and didn't feel like I was making much progress. That's when I came across Rob and Healix Therapy. I made more progress with Rob in one session, than I did with the other company in 3 weeks. Rob makes your pain his main priority, by getting to the root cause of the pain, while also making sure you understand every detail, and how he is trying to make it better. I will never make the mistake of seeing a different physical therapist again!”- Sutton Godar