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Walton County Snowbirds Give Back to Community They Love! ❤️

The Walton County Snowbirds (WCS) held their annual meeting on February 22 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Destin. Co-Presidents Jim Smith and Coleen Haas Smith announced that as of February 21 we have 724 members.  Membership represents36 states, 107 Canadians, and 212 new members.

At the meeting Kevin Maloney, President & CEO of Children in Crisis, was presented with a check for $2,630.00, monies raised by the WCS from the sale of FundRays coupon books.  Children in Crisis, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit organization of caring people working together to provide homes and keep brothers and sisters together.  They give a home to the abused, neglected, and abandoned children of the community. 

Additionally, two local area students, Avery Villa and Jacklyn Roe, were awarded $1,000.00 educational scholarships from the WCS.  Teacher Barbara Stratton and Avery Villa both spoke to the group and expressed their gratitude to the snowbirds. Jacklyn Roe was unable to attend the meeting as she was participating in the state finals with her soccer team.

Lastly, the WCS held a Blood Drive on February 21, where thirty-eight participants donated 45 units of blood to the local community.  

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The WCS would like to thank the entire community for your continuous support and welcoming the snowbirds to your area this year.  Your community is beautiful, peaceful, and kind.  Everywhere we go we find excellent customer service and friendly faces … restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment facilities, schools, etc.  It really is our home away from home, and we look forward to coming back next snowbird season! 

For more information on registration and all the activities and events the club has to offer, go to the website at or join the group Facebook page “Walton County Snowbirds.”