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Norriego Point

Visitor Guide

Norriego Point is a sandy beach located near the end of Holiday Isle. One side of Norriego Point faces the Destin Harbor while the other side faces the east pass that leads out to the Gulf of Mexico. On the East Pass, the inlets of water protected by the Destin Jetties create calm water that’s perfect for swimming

History of Norriego Point

Norriego Point got its name from a Spanish family who named it when Florida was still owned by Spain. It was originally named Noriega Point, after Spanish nobleman Don Jose Noriega. Somewhere through the years, mapmakers got rid of the “a” with an o and also added an extra r to make the name Norriego Point.

Beach Access Points

Norriego Point has two public beach access points. These spots provide parking and are open from dawn to dusk.


Norriego Point Stabilization

Recently completed this Spring, former Mayor of Destin Sam Seevers introduced a $12 million Norriego Point stabilization and recreation project. This project is led by the City of Destin and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Their goal is to restore Norriego Point to its look pre Hurricane Opal in 1995. Seevers main reason for funding this project was to protect not only Norriego Point, but also Destin’s Harbor and HarborWalk Village. All in all, this project should harden the land and protect it from erosion. Another phase of this project involves dumping about 28000 square feet of sea oats. Doing this will make it a much more habitable area for wildlife. Lastly, they will add all the amenities like parks, parking lots, boardwalks, and restrooms.

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What Can I do at Norriego Point?

As stated before, the inlets of water protected by jetties make for a calm swimming area. In this area, it’s also very common to find scuba divers. Norriego Point also makes for a very popular spot to bring a boat or jet ski! The options are endless here at Norriego Point! Hope to see you here!