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Where to Snorkel

Why Snorkel?

Snorkeling is a fun and simple activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family! Since it only requires minimal equipment, it’s the perfect and most convenient aquatic activity to do. We are here to help you know where to find snorkeling tours and a few prominent reefs to go to while snorkeling near Destin. Destin is a prime location for snorkeling for many reasons, from the beautiful reefs that are breathtakingly gorgeous, to the unique companies and guides that go above and beyond to make your experience memorable and unique. Book a snorkeling trip to compliment your DESTINation vacation today.

Where to Snorkel in Destin Florida
The Destin Jetties

The Travel Channel named Destin Jetties as the number one destination among top ten favorites for Destin locals. “Almost 100 years ago this opening from the bay to the gulf was closed off entirely by a huge hurricane that buried it with sand from a surge. Destin fishermen and residents reclaimed this pass by digging a narrow trench from the bay to the gulf. In no time at all tidal action created this wide new opening which became known as East Pass. Mother Nature continued to try to close this opening through tidal sand erosion, so stone barriers were placed there going out to form twin jetties that flank the opening on both sides.” This beautiful reef is truly one of the best places in Destin to snorkel. Whether your looking for beautiful aesthetics or a diverse and unique sea creature population, we at assure you that snorkeling at the reef will be a truly memorable and amazing experience!

Norriego Point

Norriego Point is the sandy beach area located at the end of Holiday Ise. Norriego Point is named after the Spanish family back in the day when Pensacola was owned by Spain. Norriego Point is a gorgeous white sand peninsula and the water around it is protected. Being protected means that boats and fisherman are not allowed in the water. The small inlets being protected at Norriego Point make this the ideal place to snorkel and view the majestic marine life in the area. There is a water taxi stop at Norriego Point making access to and from the area very simple. There are also a large variety of bird species in this area. Grab your snorkel gear and a waterproof camera and head to Norriego Point for a wonderful day of snorkeling and family photos in this spectacular place! 

Snorkel Reefs

Snorkel Reefs are wonderful places to snorkel in and around Destin, Florida! One of the coolest features of the reefs is there densely populated marine life. Snorkel around the reef and you will have a “primetime” view of these majestic creatures. Schools of fish gravitate to and live in different parts of the reef, making this the ideal location to scope out vast quantities of fish while snorkeling. There are four new reefs recently created by The South Walton Artificial Reef Association. The newest reef is known as Dolphin Snorkel Reef and the other three snorkel reefs are located along Scenic Highway 30-A. Cobia Snorkel Reef at Inlet Beach, Turtle Snorkel Reef at Grayton Beach State Park, and Seahorse Snorkel Reef at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park complete the network. These reefs are normally 200-300 yards out from shore so you should see quite a lot if you choose to snorkel here!

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Where do I find Snorkeling trips?

There are a plethora of companies offering snorkeling trips in and around the Destin, Florida area! One of the main places to find and book snorkeling trips is along the Destin Harbor. HarborWalk Village is on the Destin Harbor and offers a diverse and abundant selection of companies offering amazing snorkeling trips. There are also snorkeling companies located along the 30A highway and in and around Miramar Beach. Needless to say, there are plenty of companies all around the Destin, Florida area offering a variety of breathtaking and thrilling snorkeling adventures for the whole family! 

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are not required but we at highly recommend that you and your group place a reservation to assure you get to take a snorkeling trip with the specific company that is offering the best trip for your specific needs. Many of the snorkeling trips book up and sell out quickly so it is advantageous to place a reservation. Payment is not required until the day of the snorkeling trip but locking your adventure in with a reservation is the best way to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for!

Can I bring alcohol on a snorkeling tour?

While being allowed to bring alcohol can vary from company to company there are a few basic standards that most of the companies abide by: Generally, alcohol is allowed but only in cans and various other NON-GLASS vessels. We at recommend that you call the specific snorkeling company that you are taking the trip with and ask them about their rules pertaining to alcohol.

What should I bring on Snorkeling tours?

Bathing Suit 


Hat, visor, etc.


Food and Drinks 




A Positive Attitude


Water Shoes

Waterproof Bag for wallets and phones 

Large Water Bottles (be sure to stay hydrated) 

Where to Find Snorkeling Tours