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Welcome to Local Catch Bar and Grill located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. This lovely Florida establishment is truly a diamond in the rough! Its a diamond because they serve debatably the best seafood in the area, but it is also rough because it is served in a laid-back, "no-frills" atmosphere. This unique blend of high-end fresh, locally sourced seafood and the laid-back setting is while locals and vacationers alike have been flocking to this restaurant and bar.

All of the seafood served in this restaurant is caught locally! While dining at Local Catch, we at highly recommend starting your meal with either the fried crab claws or grouper ceviche. The ceviche is served with a side of tortilla chips, making the chips the perfect vessel to guide the ceviche into your mouth! The crab claws are succulent and have the perfect crunch, due to them being deep-fried! As you peruse down the menu, we also have a few "MUST TRY" entrees. If your locally to partake in the locally sourced seafood you will have a plethora of options. If you want to step outside of the seafood, this restaurant also makes a large variety of specialty tacos including steak, pork belly, and of course "LOCAL" seafood. 

Local Bar and Grill is not only a truly mouthwatering dining experience but it is also has a great local bar scene that is populated by locals and vacationers alike! They offer many specialty Martini's as well as a plethora of Frozen fruity cocktails. This a great place to unwind after an enjoyable day frolicking the beach. For guests that are beer drinkers, they have plenty of both local and nonlocal beers available. needless to say for the reason mentioned above, Local Catch is a great place to spend the evening when in the area.

Vacationers and locals rejoice in unison while visiting Local Catch Bar and Grill! Whether you come from the fresh seafood, the tacos, the amazing cocktails, or just to wind down for the evening. We assure you you will have a fantastic experience while at the Local Catch Bar and Grill in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida!   

Hours of Operation:

Sunday-Saturday 11am-10pm


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