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Is goofy a cow or a dog? Since its inception in 1923, Disney has developed a wide range of iconic characters, including many female protagonists like Cinderella and Jasmine and males like Mickey Mouse and Mater the Motor Car. Goofy, in contrast to the other characters, whose animal or object representations are quite evident, may be baffling. In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he has a close friend named Clarabelle Cow, who has led some to believe he is a cow, specifically an Aberdeen Angus. Some others put him in the canine category, closer to Pluto. After being asked by Yahoo if Goofy was a dog, voice actor Bill Farmer responded, "Goofy is not a dog." In Farmer's words, "Pluto" is a canine. While not specifically identified as a dog, Goofy "looks to be in the canine family." The Farmer claims that Goofy's Latin name is "Canis Goofus," which means that he is neither a dog nor a cow. In a word, he's goofy. For further Info visit Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs

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