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Welcome to the charter yacht known as Mary Lou, located on the Destin Harbor, in Destin, Florida. While there are many charter "boats" in Destin there aren't many charter "YACHTS!" For a truly a luxurious sports fishing experience hopping aboard the Mary Lou is the obvious choice. The crew on the Mary Lou consider each other to be as close as family. This becomes obviously true during your trip, as you will see the staff joke around with each other, high five, and just generally having a great time, which is sure to put a smile on your face and enhance the already amazing sportfishing experience. On a slightly more somber note, the crew did lose a fellow crew member in 2018 and we would like to share a few words and a poem written by one of the Mary Lou captains for their crewmate/friend/family member that passed away: 

We lost Jake, a dear friend and extraordinary First Mate, on Jan. 4, 2018.  Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends who will always miss him. Captain Rick honors his memory with the following poem he wrote about his good friend Jake.  

My Mate Jake
 When I first saw him on the docks, that skinny kid with golden locks,
Not much to base opinion on, except that smile that went on and on.
No, there wasn’t much there for me to see that lifelong friend
he’d come to be.
That was My Mate Jake.
He had a twinkle in his eye that said, “No fish will pass me by,”
Without presenting him a meal which he hoped he’d try and steal.
But if that fish should take the bait, it’s certain then he’d met his fate…
Tricked By My Mate Jake
So it was he asked of me, if he could join me on the sea
To help me catch them big and small and hang their pictures on the wall
And make the crowd look on with awe at the trophy fish they saw.
Caught By My Mate Jake
Then we started, he and I, but so quickly years went by
Four, and five, and six, and ... now it’s time to fish again
But sadly, he’s not here to help me haul them in.
Gone is My Mate Jake
My Mate Jake, he got the call to the greatest fishing team of all
He’s with another Captain now; it seems God needed his know-how
And though he’s not physically with me, God knows he always will be.
My Mate Jake
Written By:
Captain Rick Derek (The Mary Lou, Destin, FL)
in Loving memory of his good friend Jake Evertt Wilson
January 12, 2018

With passion and friendship like this aboard the Mary Lou, you can rest assured you and your fellow companions are in the very best hands and sure to have a fun-filled memorable experience!

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