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The launch of the new website came with a lot of questions, obviously. So the main question that the launch has raised is, "what can be found on", and the answer is simple EVERYTHING! The site features events, things to do, vacation rentals, restaurants & so much more from the locations of Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Sandestin & 30A South Walton. It short terms, is THE site for the Destin, Florida area. has come from, the now 3 year old, listing site, or ECBYO.COM, which is a regionally based listing site that markets and advertises vacation rental properties along the Emerald Coast of Alabama and Florida. What's so special about ECBYO.COM is that it is a book direct and fee free listing website! Unlike the majority of other listing sites out there, ECBYO.COM only charges a yearly fee to list properties on the website and that's IT! There are no hidden fees to the guests for using the website, and they do not take any percentage of the bookings that the owners/managers receive from the website. So where does ECBYO.COM come into play with Well, when you see any vacation rental that is on, that owner/manager firsts list their property with ECBYO.COM & will then receive the listing on for FREE! is a great website for any business owner, vacation rental owner/manager and guest! Owners of businesses within the area can come onto the website and either create their account and "claim" their listing if it is already on the website, OR they can create their account and list their business on the website. This gives the businesses a chance to not only market their business to visitors, but also gives them an incredible opportunity to advertise any specials or events that may be taking place within their business!

Are you a guest wanting to visit the area and need a place to start?! is the PERFECT place for you to check everything out before you make your trip! It's very easy and convenient! Guests can also create their own account on the website, which will then save information that that guest has viewed or favored on the website, so it is even quicker and easier to navigate through the site the next time they visit.

We could not be more excited for the launch of this new and improved website and anticipate an amazing uphill climb of excitement for everyone wanting to know anything about the Destin, Florida area!