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FAQ Questions About Destin Florida

1. What is the difference between "June Grass" and "Sargassum"? When can I expect to see them on the beach?

June Grass is a type of algae that washes ashore in the summer months, typically appearing as greenish patches on the water's surface. It can make the water appear murky and may cause skin irritation. Sargassum, on the other hand, is a floating seaweed that originates in the Sargasso Sea and can wash ashore in large quantities. It tends to appear more in warmer months and can sometimes be seen on the beaches of Destin, affecting beachgoers and marine life.

2. When is the water on Crab Island "blue"?

The water at Crab Island in Destin, Florida, is typically clearest when the tide is slack or during periods of low tidal movement. For the most accurate information, you can check local tide charts [here].

3. Where do I find the beach flags for each day?

 You can find daily beach flag updates on the Okaloosa County website or by texting "FLAG" to 31279 for automated updates.

4. Can I take my dog to the beach?

Dogs are not allowed on most public beaches in Destin, Florida, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all beachgoers. However, there are designated dog-friendly beaches and parks in the area where you can take your furry friend.

5. Can I have a bonfire on the beach?

Bonfires are generally not permitted on the beaches in Destin, Florida, due to safety and environmental concerns. However, Walton County allows bonfires with proper permits and regulations. For more information head to our website, here

6. What are the best spots for snorkeling in Destin?

Some popular spots for snorkeling in Destin include the East Jetty at Destin Harbor, the jetties at Okaloosa Island, and the artificial reefs such as the Emerald Coast Reef located offshore. Head to our website here for more information. 

7. Are there any wheelchair-accessible beaches in Destin?

Yes, Henderson Beach State Park in Destin offers wheelchair-accessible boardwalks leading to the beach, as well as beach wheelchairs available for rent. More information is located on our website

8. Where can I rent beach chairs and umbrellas in Destin?

Beach service providers along the Destin beaches offer rentals for beach chairs, umbrellas, and other beach equipment. You can typically find them stationed along the beach or through local rental companies.

9. What are the best fishing spots in Destin for beginners?

Beginners can enjoy fishing from the Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier or take a charter trip to fish in the bay waters, where catches like redfish and trout are plentiful and the waters are calmer.

10. How do I get to Crab Island from Destin? 

To get to Crab Island from Destin, rent a boat (such as a pontoon or jet ski) from local rental companies in Destin Harbor or nearby marinas. Navigate through Destin Harbor towards East Pass, anchor your boat at Crab Island where the water is shallow, and enjoy activities like swimming and snorkeling. Visit our website for charter options and more!

11. What is the best way to get around Destin without a car?

While a car is recommended for exploring the area, visitors can also use local taxi services, rideshare apps, or bike rentals to navigate within Destin and nearby attractions.

12. What are some rainy day activities in Destin?

On rainy days, visitors can explore indoor attractions like the Destin History & Fishing Museum, go shopping at Destin Commons or Silver Sands Premium Outlets, or enjoy a spa day at one of the local resorts.

13. Can I go parasailing in Destin, and where can I book it?

Parasailing is a popular activity in Destin, and you can book tours and experiences through local charters located along the harbor and beachfront areas. Head here to our website for options. 

14. Are there any guided tours available to explore the local wildlife and nature in Destin?

 Yes, visitors can take tours to spot dolphins, seabirds, and other marine life in their natural habitat. Options include dolphin cruises and other types of charter tours offered by local businesses. You can discover local charters here.

15. What events or festivals are happening in Destin during my visit?

 Check our website here for information on festivals, concerts, and special events happening in Destin during your trip!

16. Where can I find the best sunset views in Destin?

The best spots for sunset views in Destin include Henderson Beach State Park, Norriego Point, and beachfront restaurants like The Back Porch.

17. What are the best spots for beach photography in Destin?

For stunning beach photography in Destin, head to Crystal Beach, James Lee Park, and Miramar Beach, known for their pristine sands and emerald waters. For photographer needs, check out Sutton, with Sutton B photography. 

18. Are there any ghost tours or haunted locations to explore in Destin?

While Destin isn't known for ghost tours, nearby places like Pensacola offer ghost tours exploring haunted sites and spooky tales from the area's history.

19. What are the top golf courses to play in Destin?

 Golf enthusiasts can enjoy courses like Regatta Bay Golf and Yacht Club, Kelly Plantation Golf Club, and The Links Golf Club for challenging courses and scenic views.

20. Where can I find the best seafood restaurants in Destin?

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Destin include Harbor Docks, Dewey Destin's Seafood Restaurant, and The Fisherman's Wharf. Head to our website for a full list. 

21. Are there any historical sites or museums to visit in Destin?

While Destin is primarily known for its beaches, nearby Fort Walton Beach offers attractions like the Indian Temple Mound Museum and the Air Force Armament Museum.

22. How can I find information about local fishing regulations in Destin?

 For information about local fishing regulations and licenses in Destin, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) website or consult with local bait shops and marinas.