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"Masters of Disasters": Bringing Help, Hope, and Healing

In the face of unforeseen disasters, "Masters of Disasters," also referred to as “MOD,” a faith-based non-profit organization, stands as a beacon of hope and support for those affected. The organization originated from a profound desire to address disaster response gaps. The catalyst was a flooding incident in Norwood, Cincinnati, close to the main location of Crossroads Church, where Darin Kroger was one of the volunteer individuals in the early days of MOD.

The journey began with a realization that, in the aftermath of disasters, there was a void that needed filling. With a background in international missions work, the church brought together a team to form an organization that could respond effectively to disasters. The first deployment occurred in the spring of 2017, responding to the hurricane that hit Houston in partnership with Hope Force International.

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Over the years, Masters of Disasters has grown exponentially, contributing to the recovery of over 625 homes across various disasters, involving more than 4,100 volunteers. In 2023, the organization officially launched as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit, led by Darin Kroger. They anticipate increased opportunities for volunteers, aiming to involve more churches in their efforts, as their organization is faith based. 

The organization operates on short notice, deploying to disaster-stricken areas based on factors like location, the severity of the disaster, the number of affected homes, and the socio-economic status of the area. Establishing connections to house volunteers is crucial, making it an excellent way for individuals and communities to contribute to their cause. Providing a place for volunteers to eat, sleep, and shower remains one of their primary goals.

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One notable example is the Clarksville Tennessee tornado disaster where Masters of Disasters leveraged existing localized connections with churches and other organizations to mobilize volunteers quickly. Darin emphasizes the importance of coordinating with local emergency management, assessing the situation, and providing immediate assistance, from removing fallen trees to addressing floods and fires.

While their focus is on physical recovery, Masters of Disasters goes beyond structural repair. They offer emotional and spiritual care, recognizing the mental toll disasters take on individuals. The organization is non-denominational, prioritizing spiritual well-being as part of their holistic approach to disaster relief.

The disaster cleanup process involves five key areas: emotional and spiritual care, tree debris removal, roof tarping, flood remediation, and general cleanup. Importantly, they revisit communities they've assisted after 90 days, ensuring ongoing support and a sustained recovery. 

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Their commitment to long-term assistance sets them apart. Unlike organizations that provide initial fast responses and move on, Masters of Disasters keeps a watchful eye on the communities they've helped, seizing opportunities to continue providing aid.

Darin Kroger, with his distinctive long white beard, even offered to shave it for donations. This fun initiative raised over $45,000, contributing to their 2024 goal of acquiring a new mission truck and dump trailer. Beyond financial contributions, individuals can help by providing shelter, food, or connecting Masters of Disasters with resources in disaster areas. Churches, with their ample facilities, often play a crucial role in housing volunteers.

In 2024, the organization emphasizes community involvement, encouraging volunteers to build networks within churches and organizations. The focus is on organic partnerships, allowing churches to support their members and communities during challenging times.

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As they expand, Masters of Disasters seeks to engage with churches  to build response teams and launch chapters, expanding their reach and impact. Those interested in contributing or volunteering can find more information on their website:, which features donate buttons and links to their social media platforms.

Our message to Florida residents: Masters of Disasters emerges as a compassionate lifeline for Florida neighbors and beyond, promising unwavering support in times of crisis By shedding light on their impactful work and encouraging support, we hope to inspire more individuals and communities to join hands with this remarkable organization, ensuring that help and hope continue to reach those in need.