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Parasailing in Destin

Parasailing truly is a once in a lifetime experience that people will never forget. Although parasailing has minor risks, it is one of the safest water recreational activities you can participate in. The state-of-the-art equipment will keep you in good shape as will the U.S Coast Guard Certified Captains. See wildlife and Destin like never before 400 feet in the air! Be sure to take as many photos as possible and to be on the look out for Dolphins!

Where to find Parasailing?

Just like many other water activities, the Destin Harbor is the place to go if you want to parasail.

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Don't Let Your Fear of Height Stop You
It is very common that parasailing companies experience customers who have never parasailed before and had fear of heights. So don't worry, you're not the only one. They will work with you to satisfy your needs. Although you are up 400 feet, you will soon forget about it and admire everything else and realize how peaceful the entire experience is. The fear will go away before you know it!
Common Parasailing Rules & Regulations

The maximum altitude designated by the FAA is approximately 500 feet on a vertical tow line

- Participants can’t be less than 110 pounds or more than 425 pounds

- Parasailing won’t be operating when winds are over 20-25 mph